A Heartfelt Welcome from

John and Julia

Our precious life here on this earth is not to work for governments,
pay taxes, have outside bodies controlling our free consciousness.

We are here to reclaim our own inner sovereignty.

To realise who we really are – free spirited beings,

manifesting the most important relationships with ourselves,

beloved ones, families, dear friends and our beautiful planet Earth

who continues to love us into existence.

Life is short – LOVE is everything.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a very dynamic, challenging, sequential asana based practice of yoga that combines the principles of Patanjali’s ashto-anga eight limbs and T Krishnamacharya and K Pattabhi Jois’s development of vinyasa – Mind Breath Movement Synchronicity, to arrive in a state of yoga – in the moment of ‘NOW’ transcended of the conditioned patterns of thought, speech and action. What is shared here is a practice, a discipline that if practiced daily, gives the student the skills to reclaim their own authority and realise how extraOrdinary they and the rest of the world really is. John Scott Yoga is not an “Authority of Yoga” but rather JSY is a community of practitioners who are exemplars of the practice, it’s challenges and benefits. The validity of their sharing is by keeping the yoga alive and contemporary through the continuation and exploration into the techniques and methods of yoga.

Online Course

This new course from John comes with newly shot tutorials and two practice videos.  Available in 4 combinations to suit your needs

Join John as he explores the Practice of Yoga Chikitsa in his own, enquiring style.   Available as individual products, John’s new Tutorial series is beautifully recorded by Alessandro Sigismondi and captures the essence of John’s teachings in seven tutorials and two full length class recordings.  Ideal for the student new to the Practice and those seeking insight and guidance from a truly inquisitive Yoga Practitioner and Teacher

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