John Scott Second Series


John presents two distinct practices with instruction for you

 – Half Nadi Shodhana with Elements of Technique &

– Full Nadi Shodhana series with the Counted Method

The Half Nadi Shodana practice is a 101 minute practice aimed at those currently practicing or newer to the second series. John presents the first half of the second series introducing the Full Vinyasa for each Asana, taking time to add instructional information providing Asana name, translation and total number of Vinyasa.  Counting in Sanskrit, John begins each asana from Samasthitih and Counts himself through the full vinyasa inviting you to join in, learning to count, breath and move synchronously with him together the first half of the Nadi Shodana series

The Full Nadi Shodana practice is just under 2hrs 15 minutes. This practice is ideal for those practitioners and teachers who currently practice the full second series. An opportunity to practice a strong dynamic traditional Sanskrit Counted class while learning the Counted Method.  John instructs you through the full series with a combination of both Full and Half Vinyasa grouping like asana accordingly.  John is specific in naming and numbering each asana and vinyasa, adding instructional techniques along the way.

Available with the Tutorials separately or together

John Scott Second Series Tutorials


John presents 10 technical tutorials in the Nadi Shodhana Series covering :-

– Full Vinyasa Part 1 and 2

 Jumping Basketball Technique and Jumping Through

– Bhekasana protecting the knees

– Pincha Mayurasana exit transition

 Baddha Konasana

– The Camel Story

– Eka Pada Sirsasana

– Neti Pot and how to Use

In this series of videos John and Julia break down elements of the practice spending time talking about subtle and important aspects that they have developed to provide the student with a safe,  solid framework for a well grounded, accountable, elevated aware mind and a transcendental practice. 

These tutorials are for those already practicing Nadi Shodhana though those students with an enquiring mind are invited to continue their exploration by viewing these tutorials.

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