Deena Davis

Senior Teacher, Dorothy Loh

Deekapha Yoga, Hong Kong

Dorothy was a physical geographer, making her footprints all over mountains, forests, rivers and creeks.  Having been loaded with excess baggage of self-doubt and trauma of personal loss in her early teens, Dorothy approached yoga at the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Hong Kong, where she studied Raja yoga meditation with Jan Moor. The journey grew quickly when she changed from her hiking boots to bare feet on the sticky mat.  She has been practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for over a decade and is currently a Third Series practitioner and a direct student of John Scott. In 2017, she obtained the 500-hr certification from John Scott Yoga and became one of the senior teachers assisting and teaching with John across the world. She is currently teaching extensively at Yoga Mala and the Landmark Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. Having learnt different schools of yoga from Forrest, Jivamukti, Iyengar and Ashtanga in particular, She truly believes that the diversity of Yoga ultimately brings all beings back to the true nature of humanity, and the purest form of relationship between our inner garden and the outer world we live in.  She found DeeKapha Yoga in 2010 where she continues to aspire, and share her knowledge and experience to the expanding yoga community. It was during the demandingly transient period of her “on-the-go” life that she learned to make peace with the red lights of chaos, emotional ebb and flow and alchemy. Dorothy recognizes her love-hate relationship with the practice while seeks deeper into the Dharma of Yoga which she believes is eventually the elixir to life. She continues to fulfill her personal goal into teaching and sharing with humility and loving kindness.
Yoga with Deena