Roee Weiss

Senior Teacher, Roee Weiss

Roee Weiss Ashtanga, Israel Jamey Murray, John, Lucy and many others including his parents and friends motivated Roee to practice by opening doors. What makes Roee a teacher ?! In his own eyes, nothing other than the fact that he practices. His desire is to accompany other practitioners and help them grow out of actual practice.

Roee is a quiet, introspective man, full of wisdom and discernment As a peaceful warrior he is a man of few words but the words he has are full of wisdom and well worth paying attention to. His capacity to reach students, to invoke the best in them, to be a support and to be a good friend quickly make you realise that here is a teacher worth spending time with.

An ardent student of the practice, Roee has assisted John in many workshops and retreats throughout the word over the last several years, having studied closely with John particularly during his 500 level training. His soft, intelligent, mindful approach to his students and his deep knowledge of the practice make him a particularly approachable and welcoming teacher.

Roee Yoga