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Hello from John and Julia!

Welcome to the First S·A·V·Y Newsletter for 2023!*

Firstly, you might notice the name change from JJSY to S·A·V·Y or “SCOTT ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA”. John and Julia, like all of us, are continually evolving on their respective journeys. You may have recently seen John ‘reclaiming’ his childhood identity ‘Jonny’, and similarly, JJSY is also evolving to become Scott Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

John has long maintained that the practice both he and Julia share when teaching goes beyond the individuals that they are, and whilst a lot of the material comes from John’s direct experience of the practice and of late drawing more from Julia’s wider sound and sacred medicine experiences, they’re very aware that we’re all on our own, individual enquiry, and that we all contribute to passing on the essence of the knowledge and wisdom (S·A·V·Y) of yoga through our daily practices and interactions

John and Julia have also recently announced a return to presenting their own evolving ‘Second Generation’ Teacher Training program so now is the ideal time to embrace the new with an updated brand name too. As always, Jonny’s play on words is there in the underlying association, so we hope you can see this as a somewhat savvy choice:

“Savvy: as with so many English words, savvy comes from Latin. It’s verb ‘sapere’ means “to be wise or knowing” (think Homo sapiens), which yielded savez-vous (“do you know”) said to become savvy in the West Indies pidgin language. The term savvy was adopted by Captain Jack Sparrow and used often throughout the Pirates of the Caribbean series.” — Jonny

S·A·V·Y Teacher Training and New Events

As mentioned above, this summer Julia and John will begin the return to a full teacher training program, split over several modules, this training will initially take place in Croatia with follow up modules in Sardinia. Through the change to S·A·V·Y, we see the teacher training as “WISDOM JOURNEYS”, the Sacred Journey to Know Thy Self, the Sacred Journey to LOVE – “AMO” – to LOVE THY SELF UNCONDITIONALLY and to LOVE OTHERS UNCONDITIONALLY

Teacher Training Dates (2023/2024):

Module One 100 hrs CROATIA September 23-29 & 30-6th October 2023
Module Two 50 hrs SARDINIA April 27 – May 4th 2024and dates for 2024
Module Three 50 hrs SARDINIA September 21 – 28th September 2024

Events for 2023:

Dominican Republic – 20 – 24th April
Purple Valley, Tenerife – 29 April – 6th May
Sardinia – 20 – 26th May
Belluno, Italy – 30th June – 3rd July
Croatia – 8 – 15th July
**NEW**: Brussels – 27 – 29th October (details to follow)

Many thanks to all who have joined Julia and John on their YouTube channel!

— John Scott Yoga

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