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Hello from Julia and John!

Welcome to the S·A·V·Y Newsletter for 2024*!

It’s been over a year since our last newsletter so there’s a couple of news items to cover in this issue.

Firstly, you may have been following John’s continued evolution as his own life journey enquiry has lead him to ‘retire’ to life in Sardinia. As Jonny said himself, “I retired from the world, being ‘of’ the World, now I’m ‘In’ the World”. You can see Jonny’s explanation of this in the YouTube interview ‘Returning to Jonny’ here from Purple Valley. Further episodes from this interview series at Purple Valley coming soon!

Sardinia and Future Events

As Jonny embraces his retirement, he will continue to teach from Sardinia with a more or less adhoc schedule. Rather than travelling constantly from event location to event location, Jonny now actively encourages you to travel to him in Sardinia. Events will still continue taking place in certain locations, notably Purple Valley (Goa and Tenerife), China (where Jonny has a very large student following) and select events where Jonny wishes to continue supporting new and existing relationships with teachers and friends. Jonny’s personal timetable will also dictate when he can offer small practice groups with him near Olbia in Sardinia. If you ever attended the practice weeks with him in Cornwall you’ll know all the focus is on the practice . The inaugural event earlier this year was a great success and we’re delighted Jonny is offering a second practice week in September this year.
Teachers Note: why not gather several of your students and bring them all together in the lovely hillsides and stunning bays and waters of Sardinia!

Julia Scott Jai Ma!

Julia has also been furthering her exploration into the magic of sound and all its mystical expressions having recently attended workshops in Europe and Bali. She’s also beginning to pass on what she’s discovered and experienced with her recent extended sound meditation in Amsterdam. Join Julia in Zurich on 3rd August and back in Amsterdam 2nd November. More details from Julia via her social media channel here: Julia Scott Jai Ma

Please continue to follow Jonny and Julia on Facebook, Instagram and the website for the latest event information

Events for 2024/2025:

Extended Sound Meditation with Julia and Bart, Amsterdam, 29th June, 2024
Charity Event for Libere Energie with Elena de Martin, Sole Ruju Yoga, Olbia, 7th July
Asana Breath Mantra, Nøsen, Norway, 28 Jul – 1 Aug 2024
Extended Sound Meditation with Julia, Zurich, 2nd August (details to be confirmed)
Sardinia Practice Week with Jonny, 15-20 September, 2024
Extended Sound Meditation with Julia, Amsterdam, 3rd November (details to be confirmed)
New Zealand, Australia Early 2025 – details to be confirmed!
Two week intensive, Purple Valley, Goa, 15-29 March, 2025

Community Items

Jonny and Julia continue to support close friends, teachers and those causes close to their hearts. For 2024/2025 we’re delighted they’re continuing their support with the following

Breathe India: Explore India honouring the Sacred Feminine Oct 2nd-16th, 2024
Purple Valley, Goa, Scholarship Program (full details to follow)

Many thanks to all who have joined Julia and John on their YouTube channel! We’re very close to being monetised by YouTube and hopefully when we reach this major milestone it will enable us to bring more content to YouTube!

— John Scott Yoga

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