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Hello from John Scott Yoga

Welcome to the Second JJSY Newsletter for 2022!  

Greetings from sunny Edinburgh!

It’s been a busy couple of months since the last newsletter. Even though the pandemic certainly isn’t over, there’s a good selection of events for 2022 and we’re seeing longer run up times for events running now to the end of 2022

John and Julia have had a busy couple of months too having completed their return visit to Mexico and started on their summer excursions in and around Poland. Julia’s also just returned from an amazing educational trip to the New York area for some individual training and she’s hoping to make use of what she’s learned in the coming months

John also made good use of the time while Julia was away to do a live student Q&A which is now fully available on a new ‘John and Julia Scott Yoga’ YouTube channel. More of this below

As it stands at the end of April, here’s a list of events for the remainder of 2022:-

Events for 2022:
Tenerife – 1st – 8th May
Poznań – 13th – 15th May
Sardinia – 26th – 31st May
Barcelona – 10th – 12th June
Mallorca – 25th June – 2nd July
Portugal – 7th – 12th August (week 1 is full, week 2 has spaces)
Purple Valley, Goa – 3rd – 17th December

I’ve no details yet for 2023, for those that like to plan ahead. I’ll post any news/details I have when I get them

We’re also delighted to add Dorothy Loh’s 200 hour course to the AVYRC offering. Details on Dorothy’s course below.

One important change: Julia’s Instagram channel is now ‘Julia Scott Yogini’. You can find it here

Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to some summer sun!

— John Scott Yoga

Mallorca 25th June – 2nd July

Transcendental Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Intensive

Julia and John Scott,  Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Join John and Julia for a week of intensive immersion into Transcendental Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a system and method of yoga that will introduce you to your Own Voice, Your Own Sovereignty or metaphorically your own inner Guru/Teacher.

Each morning there will be a Dynamic Movement Meditation Practice – initially presented as a Transcendental Sanskrit Counted Class progressing to Assisted Guided Self-Practice, with each class finishing with a soothing sound bath. All guests will be Held in a Container of Love and guided Into Self-Practice and Self-Knowledge by John, Julia and an experienced teaching assistant.

This Intensive will be both an amazing group journey plus an inner personal journey of self discovery and development and all this set in the beauty of Natural Mallorca.

The evening workshops will expand in the unpacking of selfless self through deep discussion of the principles and methodology of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, plus journeying into subtleties of Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra and Sound Meditation.

Take this time, a time to receive a gift, to take home with you – inspiration, motivation and a key to unlock the doors of Inner perception. To realise how unique you are and that you are the Creator of your Own Universe.

This retreat is appropriate for all levels.

For further information please see John’s website here

Portugal 7-12 August

Sound Ceremony, Monte Velho Nature Resort

Portugal 7-12 August

Julia and John Scott, Portugal, 7-12th August, 2022

Join John and Julia for this Transformational Journey giving yourself the opportunity through guided traditional practices of asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra to reconnect to your own inner empowerment, rediscover your voice, your inner life force and the freedom to move creatively within your body.

John and Julia hold an expanded space to their presentation of what Yoga means to them. Grounded in the Principles, Methodologies of Ashtanga Vinyasa this retreat takes the course of a transformational journey. Beginning with an evening cacao ceremony to welcome and connect on a heart level. The following morning and for the complete journey the morning practice sets the foundation and intention for each day. The afternoon classes will open up to the exploration of philosophy, pranayama, meditation and chanting.

For more details on this events see the event page on John’s website and select which week you are interested in

John and Julia Scott Yoga

YouTube Channel

A new YouTube channel from John and Julia Scott

John and Julia Scott Yoga

Join John and Julia on a new online channel of video content on YouTube. This new channel will have video content in the following initial PlayLists:*

Yoga Chikitsa
– content relating to the Primary Series ‘Yoga Chikitsa’
Nadi Shodhana
– content relating to the Second Series ‘Nadi Shodhana’
Asana Practice
– for clips of practices, any demonstrations or videos that don’t neatly fall into a primary or second series playlist above
– part of full Mysore or Led practices (for existing content recorded prior to the new YouTube Channel)
– material recorded on site during events (may not be class or talk related)
– we’re hoping to bring you some content from Julia on Mantra (John too!)
Fundimental Foundations & Openings
– content related to your ‘homework’ postures 🙂
Talks / Q&A
– material recorded as part of any question/answer session, interview or Satsang. May include other teachers, presenters where these are participating
– content filmed to promote tutorials, workshops and classes

This list is by no means exhaustive and may change and grow organically as more video content is added to the channel. I’ve already reached out to Purple Valley, Stu Girling, Liforme, Santiago Pinto and Alessandro Sigismondi as they have existing material of John and Julia, often on their own YouTube channels, that we’d like to bring you (so it’s in one place). YouTube is an excellent place to help bring John and Julia to an audience who may not already know them, and having such excellent material from Alessandro and Stu already available I’m hoping the channel will develop along the same lines as Facebook and Instagram has for John and Julia.

John and Julia do have direct access to the account on YouTube, and I know Julia is particularly adept at Instagram, so I’m hoping they may turn their hands at uploading material directly for you (especially at events). Watch this space!

*subject to change

Guruji Sutras

See the newest talk from John on the ‘Guruji Sutras’. A series of guiding principles that John has developed in over 30 years of dedicated practice and enquiry into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. An hour talk and 7 student questions (viewable separately or together). Available now for free on ‘John and Julia Scott Yoga’ on YouTube

TT Course with Dorothy Loh

AVYRC 200 hr

Dorothy Loh

Location: Central and Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

What can you expect to take home from the Course
– A thorough understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system
– The true value of teaching lies on the sharing of the practice with others, through experiential learning and continuous discovery. Your teaching cannot be effective without the assimilated digest of the imperative information given in the great system. The course will unfold your potential to infuse the fundamental teaching through the process of individual exploration and observation.
– You will be given guidances and comprehensive resources to learn how to teach, to cultivate compassion for your students and fellow practitioners, and most importantly, the environment to commence the real work of teaching
– To develop new spaces for ourselves over the pre-existing perceptions and conditions which hinder growth and changes. Understanding what is “present”, you will be prepared to evaluate, discover and reflect, then new roles come along – the stewardship and captain of your vessel of Yoga
– To create a safe and non-judgemental environment to teach and develop the community in your surroundings through skilful physical and verbal adjustments, extensive observations and of course, the consistent and persevere attitude to practice and share.

The true Spirit of what you say you are doing – ‘Yoga’ – you become the messenger of Yoga for the benefits of self and others with humility and passion.

Course Details
1. Scientific approach to understand the system (following the method of Vinyasa as taught by Shri K Pattabhi Jois)
2. Self practice development
3. Pranayama (Breathing System)
4. Sanskrit Counted Method
5. Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy)
6. Hands-on Physical and Verbal Adjustments
7. Experimental Teaching (in the context of the group as opposed to individual practice)

The Training, consisting of 4 modules spreading over 3 months (May to July), includes:

Module 1/ Philosophy/Yoga Sutra Study
Module 2/ Hands-on Adjustment Methodology & Yoga Therapy
Module 3/ Asana Clinic
Module 4/ Sanskrit Counting, Vedic Chanting & Pranayama

Other things…

This newsletter is possibly already long enough. Just some last minute notes I have here I’d like to pass on:-

Hosting John and Julia
– we get quite a lot of direct requests for this. If you have a community/shala/retreat center and would be interested in enquiring about inviting John and Julia please use the form on the website here

Partnerships with John and Julia
– another area where we’re getting more enquiries. Please email me direct ( with any Ambassador/Partnership details. Please understand that both John and Julia are very busy teaching, travelling and pursuing their own interests and enquiries but they are open to working with select individual/companies where there is a good match and shared common ground and interest

Subscription Renewals for Tutorials on John Scott Yoga
– for those who have purchased a package from John and Julias’ website, you can cancel your subscription at anytime. You can usually do this from your PayPal account.

Clanns Online App (Android)
– I’m very near to having an Android version of the Clanns Online App available. If you’re interested in helping test it feel free to drop me a line at

Details on all the Apps and versions available from

Looking for Online Help?
Please follow this link – This will take you to an issue tracking site provided by Atlassian. Crescent 21 is my company so don’t be alarmed when it opens (I use the Atlassian software to help other companies I am working with)

Until next time!

— John Scott Yoga