‘Only the As’

In this class John leads you through only the ‘A’ versions of the main postures

Only the A’s:

This practice is suitable for all levels

Guruji Sutras – Q&A Question 1

from the ‘Guruji Sutras’ talk with John recorded on 18th April, 2022 via Zoom

Alex Lake’s question:

How long had you been learning under Guruji for when he told you you were only ever exercising?    Also, do you think the Guruji Sutras can evolve over time?

See the full Guruji Sutras talk and Q&A here

Interviews and Promotional Films

Video from Yoga Tribe Holistic with Aram interviewing John and Julia in Akademia Ruchu, Wroclaw, October 2020.  Visit Yoga Tribe Holistic website here. With many thanks to Aram for the video

The above interview videos were filmed at Yoga in Salento with many thanks to Francesca. 

“After 30 Years Practice” filmed and produced by Alessandro Sigismondi at and around Yoga in Salento