Nadi Shodhana with John Scott

JSY Nadi Shodhana

Series Course

£30.00 / year

When you purchase John’s Nadi Shodhana Series Course you’ll have membership access to the following materials :-

10 tutorial videos with extra teaching notes*

Tutorial transcriptions (English)*

Full Nadi Shodhana with the Counted Method video

Half Nadi Shodhana with Elements of Technique video

Sanskrit Numbers Course*

*These items are only available in this package


The JSY Nadi Shodhana Series Course comes as an annually renewable membership to Throughout the year you will have unlimited access to all the material in the Nadi Shodhana Series Course including all tutorial videos (10 videos), additional transcripts of each Tutorial (in English) and access to both Full Nadi Shodhana and Half Nadi Shodhana counted classes (almost 4 hours of instructional material where John gives additional guidance in how to safely explore the increasingly challenging Asana in this practice)

Continued access to the material requires an active membership to (included in the initial purchase of this product). The membership lasts for one annual year. Renewal is at the student's discretion but for continued access to the material beyond the first year the student will require to renew their membership.  Access to the material is via the online member portal

John Scott Yoga reserve the right to alter discounts for specific packages on this site which will only be available at the time they are provided and can not be retro-fitted to any existing membership or purchase you have previously made. Existence of a product in one year does not guarantee its continuation in any following year (this allows John to improve on any material). Updated material may be available at additional cost to you.

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Access to the following Videos via the student portal:-
Full Nadi Shodhana with the Counted Method video
Half Nadi Shodhana with Elements of Technique video
10 Tutorial Videos:
– Full Vinyasa Part 1 and 2
– Jumping Through and the Basketball Technique
– Bhekasana protecting the knees
– Pincha Mayurasana exit transition
– Baddha Konasana
– The Camel Story
– Eka Pada Sirsasana
– Neti

Transcriptions of the Tutorials in English
Sanskrit Numbers mini-course
1 year online access to the above content


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