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Synergy of Vinyasa, Jungle Ceremonies and Sound Meditation 


 March 8 – 14, 2023

John & Julia Scott

This beautiful retreat is a complete jungle experience held within a very private, secure and safe container. John & Julia with Experienced Guest Facilitators invite you to journey with them transcending the noise of the mundane world and ordinary thinking mind to create peace and harmony, arriving in the Present Moment with the doors of the unconditional Heart wide open.

Julia & John are providing an incredible opportunity for you to be part of a collective energy that flows together with a common intention to create an Adventurous Journey of Transformation to Wholeness. Facilitated through a synergy of Transcendental Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Philosophy combining our traditional yoga practices with Central and South America Ceremonial Medicine experiences. The traditional Mayan culture opens a space for us to embrace and experience mystical adventures of cleansing and healing through; savouring the Sacred Cacao, returning to baby held in the womb of the Temazcal, purging toxins and strengthening our immune systems by applying Kambo medicine, a Sound Meditation Ceremomy and finally an opportunity to expand our individual world view and field of consciousness with sacred brew of Ayahuasca.

Each progressive day we will dive deeper into our Yoga practice, our root, to soma-tise the adventures of the medicine, processing and assimilating.

On this retreat we will celebrate life with one and other by breathing together, moving together, sweating together, chanting together, this journey will be cleansing and healing. The result, each of us will no longer feel separate, we will feel loved and held by one and other with the acknowledgment that we are all amazing unique special souls sharing an experience of life together.

What this retreat Journey includes in sequence 

Wednesday 8th March

Arrival Welcome Dinner and Introduction with John and Julia

Thursday 9th March

Morning Yoga Practice Establishing our foundation our Root. Provided by John & Julia. Counted Full Vinyasa First Series bringing individuals together as one cohesive group.

(Each Yoga class will finish with a soothing journey into relaxation)

Ceremonial Cacao Heart Opening Circle provided by Ale Sai 

Friday 10th March

Morning Yoga Practice Diving deeper into the practice preparing for ceremonial integration. Introducing collective Self-practice Provided by John & Julia 
Temazcal Deep cleansing, letting go of all that we don’t need and growing deeper group connections. Provided by Ale Sai, Edgar and Ally
Afternoon Integration provided by John & Julia 
Introduction Pranayama (Breath Work) and Mantra  provided by John & Julia

Saturday 11th March

Morning Yoga Practice Collective Self-practice, stepping through the door to dynamic movement meditation. Rewiring and Up-grading provided by John & Julia 
Kambo Jungle Frog Medicine boosting immune system provided by Pamela & Ivan
(both John and Julia have been working with Kambo for a number of years and can confidently say that after that experience they have not had any virus or illnesses) 
Afternoon Integration. Group sharing and connection provided by John & Julia
Fire Circle – Story Telling and Sharing. Collective group sharing

Sunday 12th March

Morning Yoga Practice Developing Strength and Maintaining Focus provided by John & Julia
Pranayama (Breath Work) and Mantra provided by John & Julia
Ayahuasca Ceremony. A beautiful opportunity to experience the drinking of this sacred plant with two very experienced Shaman, Pamela and Ivan, they hold such a ceremonial space you will be cradled  and transported to celestial dimensions by their incredible music  

Monday 13th March

Late Morning Gentle Yoga PracticeHeld and nurtured by both John and Julia, each guest will have an opportunity to Self-practice to process and integrate insights and messages from Sunday evening’s ceremony
Sound Meditation Ceremony. A beautiful journey from heart connecting through vocalisation and Sound to the fabric of consciousness becoming one with all that is.

Tuesday 14th March

Consolidating Yoga PracticeFull integration of our Mystical Journey together, an adventure through body breath mind, a reset to take home. Provided by John & Julia
Gratitude Circle. Retreat closing but not a separating, rather a commitment to meet again…


John Scott, Julia Scott, Ale Sai, Pamela Dharani and Ivan Jagdish are a collective of experienced practitioners all on a path to Self Realisation and each and everyone has a passion to Share.

John Scott

John has been a student of Yoga, of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga since 1987,  however during retrospective reverie, John realises that much of his early years at school were spent daydreaming – “eyes fixed out through the window as if travelling to another dimension of reality..”

When does one start yoga? John questions and believes that once you start to question; where are you, where have you come from, what are you, what are you doing and where are you going? When these questions percolate and bubble to the surface, you become aware you are already on the Journey of enquiry, the enquiry into your true nature and purpose for being here on this physical plain. It is through the practice of AVY and deep enquiry into the self that John has brought all his earlier experiences and meditations into his life work of sharing.

John’s teaching is therefore very metaphorical, analytical, technical and often humorous, his teaching style appeals to students of many backgrounds and nationalities, teaching workshops throughout the world. John remains an avid student of yoga and relationship fascinated by the linking of different traditions and cultures through symbols, language and the Counted Method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.


Actor, Yogini and Singer. Julia began her spiritual journey, first with Iyengar Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. For 10 years Julia was fully involved in acting life and performed in many Polish and  international film projects. This full on self-centred life experience brought her to the point of understanding that something very important was missing, her true self.  To feel for-filled, an inner transformation was necessary, that was the moment that Julia was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, it became so clear to her that this one dynamic practice encompassed an inner journey of self-expression and deep discovery. Julia fully immersed herself in the practice and sharing the gems of AVY. Now when Julia is teaching and adjusting yoga asana, she draws from her multiple disciplines incorporating and integrating relationship skills so that the student feels met, held and supported, allowing for their inner expression to be articulated. After Sound Meditation Training, frequencies and sound are inseparable elements of her sharing. Julia’s gift is her voice, when joining her in mantra without realising, the students’ voices begin to harmonise and oneness pervades the space.

The synergy of Julia and John’s two energies fuel a collective experience of play, adventure, discovery and a resulting sense of belonging.>

Ale Sai

Ale Sai is indigenous to Mexico and has the gift of not only melting cacao she also melts hearts when she sings. Growing up with a father who was a talented Kirtan Musician Ale Sai has naturally followed that path and embodies all the characteristics of Bhakti and Devotion. She is a wonderful space holder in Cacao, Kirtan, Temazcal and many other ceremonies. It is a pleasure to have Ale Sai as one of our special ceremonial space holders.

Pamela Dharani

Certified in Biomagnetism, breath work, and yoga therapies, Pamela began her shamanic journey in 2006 with the church of Santo Daime. Throughout her practice she has used a unique blend of music and sacred medicines to facilitate the healing of thousands of individuals around the world. Through her compassion, strength, and understanding, she creates an environment where people can truly heal. Pamela has received training from the Red Path, vision quests, as well as from the Shipibo Masters in Peru, and has facilitated at the Sacred Valley Tribe Center for several years, using plant medicines to heal veterans affected by PTSD and people recovering from addiction.

VISION: With the support of the great spirit, thanking the opportunity to facilitate the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca to be able to share with the family of the world the connection with the internal teacher. Helping to deepen the subconscious finding patterns of behavior to transform them and reach a peace and inner harmony.

Ivan Jagdish

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, sonatherapy, facilitator of the ancestral medicine of the Ayahuasca, physical trainer and yoga facilitator Ivan studied in Mexico City at the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) in the concert career in guitar and solfege worked in that musical category until 2005. He has been working with Ayahuasca medicine since 2012, initially with the red path and subsequently with many other traditions and ways of consecrating medicine. In 2017 he worked as a facilitator at the ARKANA center and as a facilitator of the sonotherapy and ceremonies at the center. In 2018 he was part of the Team of facilitators of SACRED VALLEY TRIBE in the MahaTemplo de la Pacha in the city of Pisac, Peru.

Ivan has worked in Ayahuasca retreats with Diego Palma in Melisa Wasy in Pisac and in retreats in SACHA MUNAY. He is currently a facilitator in ARKANA SPIRITUAL CENTER, sacred valley and in freedom in the city of Iquitos.

VISION: Using ancestral medicines to help people find their inner peace and awaken their superior being, spirituality and health that leads them to a more tranquil and happy life.

Jungle Retreat

This time we meet in an eco-friendly private home designed for different retreats and holistic healing purposes, situated in the mystical Mayan jungle alongside the finest cenotes on Earth.  You will experience beautiful surroundings and comfortable rooms, complete with a comfortable yoga shala offering jungle scenery and ambiance. 2 Delicious, healthy, and organic meals are provided each day using fresh vegetables and fruits, home grown and from local providers all prepared by local master chefs.


7 day jungle Retreat

Total package price includes Yoga, Ceremonies (Cacao, Temazcal, Ayahuasca and Sound Meditation), Food and Accommodation.

PLEASE NOTE: Kambo ceremony is not included in Package price.  This ceremony will be charged (price to be determined)

ALL PRICES in US Dollars

6 places only $2,000 Per Person – Triple Occupancy (Shared room with 3 beds – each bed double size) with en suite

6 places only $2,300 Per Person – Double Occupancy (Shared room with 2 beds – each bed double size) with en suite

1 couple only $4,200 Per Couple – Couple Occupancy (King Suite with 1 bed)  with en suite

1 Person Only $2,600 – Single Occupancy (Individual or King Suite with 1 bed) with en-suite

15 persons total

Optional extras such as Kambo Ceremony, Bufo Alvarius Ceremony, Massage, Cenote visit and Trips out from retreat will be charged separately


Temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated from pre-Hispanic indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temāzcalli (“house of heat”), or possibly from the Aztec ‘teme’ (to bathe) and ‘calli’ (house).

The Maya, in modern-day Mexico, used the temazcal as a place for both spiritual ceremonies and physical healing. They would enter the temazcal for days at a time in search of the answers within themselves, exiting the ritual as a newly profound being. In general, the temazcal was viewed by the Mayans as the womb of Mother Earth.

Volcanic stones are heated red hot and placed in a pit inside. We will sit together huddled in the warmth of the womb while Ali Sai performs a series of guided meditations targeted at cleansing and harmonizing the spirit.

Kambo, also known as frog medicine, is the venomous secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor, a bright green tree frog native to the Amazon basin. It can be found in the rainforest regions Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

Kambo has a range of traditional and potential therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual. The frog serum is known for its powerful purgative effects. Despite its initial unpleasantness, kambo is widely sought out to revitalize body and the immediate effects of kambo medicine are intense but short-lived, usually lasting no more than 20-40 minutes. They include a rise in internal temperature, sweating, shivers, and dizziness as the heart rate increases. Nausea is generally unavoidable with kambo and purging or vomiting is most likely.

Purging “resets” the body, not only by strengthening the immune system but also through distinct psycho-spiritual benefits. A profoundly transformational tool, kambo medicine is known to increase compassion, courage, emotional stability, and personal sovereignty.

Ayahuasca is a brew made from two plants, Psychotria Viridis shrub and Banisteriopsis Caapi vine. The main active chemical compound is DMT or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine.

After consuming Ayahuasca, the effects are felt within 20-60 minutes and can last up to 6 hours. It has been used in ceremonial context in South America for thousands of years.

Benefits include increase in creativity, openness, and spiritual or personal growth. It has been known to support therapies for depression, addiction, anxiety and PTSD. Clinical studies are currently being conducted.

Many who seek experiences of personal growth with ayahuasca report a sense of connectedness and compassion with others around them. Some report spiritual awakenings that lead to long-term, stable perspective shifts.


Contact / Booking

To book and secure a place on this retreat which is limited to 15 persons please email via the ‘Click to Book’ button below

Please write why you wish to participate on this retreat and the intentions you wish to set. Please also give accommodation preference.  

Preference will be given to students who are willing to participate in the full experience

Ann-Kathrin will reply and send you Payment Details.


If you need to cancel your booking a refund of 50% of your payment will be given when cancellation is before November 14th, 2022.
No refunds with later cancellations.

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