Wroclaw 2022

Julia & John Scott

‘Celebrate Life’ Weekend Yoga Workshop

16th – 18th September, 2022, Amsterdam

“CELEBRATE LIFE” weekend workshop with Julia & John Scott

Join two internationally renowned teachers, John and Julia Scott, for a weekend-long immersion into movement, meditation, sound, song, and deep rest! This unique workshop will be offered in the beautiful St. Laurentiuschurch which will enhance the magic of the experience. 

The weekend consists of a Friday evening session, two sessions on Saturday, and one on Sunday.  You can register for the entire weekend if you are ready to take it all in, or register for Friday only or Saturday and Sunday only.


Friday Evening
Dynamic Meditation & Sounds Meditation

This session brings together yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, and chanting.  Allow yourself to immerse in and become surrounded by gentle music while making use of The Counted Method techniques of ashtanga vinyasa yoga, we will come together as One Consciousness.  Creating a dynamic movement meditation, flowing together on the wings of sound and a collective breath. Following the asana practice, we expand our awareness into the deep inner stillness of pranayama.  Harnessing our uniqueness, vocalising through chanting with an open heart

Saturday Session 1: Dynamic Asana Meditation & Deep Rest

On Saturday we start the day with a dynamic asana practice that takes you deeper into The Counted Method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  You will practice to the gentle rhythm of sound.  The practice guides you towards a more intense focus, quieting the ordinary thinking mind and allowing the light of the wisdom mind to shine through

In this class John and Julia will share the science behind the sequencing of the Yoga Chikitsa Series, offering you an understanding of how to practice with sustainability and longevity for future years of grace.  The practice will conclude with a relaxation journeying deep into your own inner stillness

 Saturday Session 2: Pranayama Meditation & Sound Meditation

Breath of life Pranayama is a practice that expresses gratitude to Mother Earth for how she loves us unconditionally with her trees and oceans.  In this session, we will harness her Prana. While lying down, surrendering to the embrace of Mother Earth, you will be surrounded by subtle frequencies of sound that transcend beyond the three-dimensional material realm.  Julia and Bart will guide you on a journey of heavenly sounds

Sunday Session: Pranayama Meditation & The Wheel of Yoga

In this last session, we will seal the weekend with playfulness!  You get to explore techniques of self-practice to take home, so you can continue the deepening of your practice. Bring your notebook as John & Julia will unpack the wisdom of the wheel of yoga offering you gems of insight that will allow you to connect the dots of this weekend.  It will unravel the wisdom in Patanjali’s teachings of the Eight limbs of Yoga

The session is closed by a celebration and closing ceremony to seal the weekend we shared together