Focussed 12

Topic 2: Vedic Counting – Focussed 12

The ‘Focussed 12’ is John’s way of bringing the group he is leading into focus.  A short 2.5 minute seated guided meditation that can be done practically anywhere.  It’s also a good way to refresh the first 12 Sanskrit Numbers and will stand you in good stead in learning the others to come.

Here’s John leading a group in Goa through the Focussed 12.  As he counts through the Sanskrit Numbers 1 – 12.  See if you can follow along on your own hand.  Use the thumb of the left hand to trace up the first finger, across the tips of all fingers, down the small finger, across the palm and finally into the middle on the pads of the middle two fingers.

Once you have that pattern try it again but with this time use the right hand to meter the breaths at the same time as you move the thumb around the left hand.  On an inhale raise the right hand and on an exhale lower it.  Try and keep pace with John’s counting.

Remember to count!

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