John presents two distinct practices with instruction for you

– Half Yoga Chikitsa with Elements of Technique &

– Full Yoga Chikitsa series with the Counted method

The Half Chikitsa practice is 90 minute practice aimed at those beginning or newer to the practice.  John takes a bit more time and adds more instructional information as he talks through and practices the half chikitsa series.

The Full Chikitsa practice is just under two hours of John guiding you through the full series of postures using the Counted Method of naming and numbering each Asana and Vinyasa.

John instructs you through using the Full Vinyasa count of every Asana of the practice.  Ideal for those learning the Counted Method and those with a full practice looking for a strong, counted class.

Available with the Tutorials separately or together


John presents 3 distinct tutorials (7 lessons in total) covering :-

– Fundimentals of the Practice

– Functions of the Knee

– Yoga Chikitsa and Center of Gravity

In this series of videos John breaks down elements of the practice and spends more time talking about those aspects which John has developed that provide the student with a solid framework for a focused, mindful and well grounded practice.

John details the focused 12, how the  Yoga Mala is present in every Asana, and some key functional Asanas which can set up a student for further enquiry into the practice.

John also spends time discussing the functions of the knee to help the student understand how to maintain healthy and correct movement of this vital joint

In the last section John explores movement within the body as a means to raising and lowering the center of gravity

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