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Looking for John and Julia to come to an Event or Workshop with you?


This form is here to collect your details and information on your event so that we can pass these on to John and Julia.

John recently asked that the following response be be given to all those looking to host him and Julia*:

Message from John:

Thank You for your Beautiful Invitation.  Of course my Love is to Share in the Teachings of Yoga World Wide and I would love to be a part of your Festival, Conference or Confluence. However at this time with my calendar booked one year in advance, I’m sorry to reply that it is not possible for me to edit and make space within my calendar to attend your event at this time. 

However I would highly recommend one of my  Senior or 500 Level Teachers to attend your event. Each one of my Senior Teachers has traveled extensively with me to many countries to teach along side of me.  As I receive more invitations to teach per year than I can manage, I now promote My Senior Teachers who are now teaching at locations that I cannot always return to every year. 

Please check the TT page (AVYRC) for profiles of my Senior Teachers and consider as an alternative to invite them.

Once again many thanks

Kind regards and unconditional and positive love 

— John Scott

2024 update*:  Jonny’s plan is to now step back from travelling to teach at events and workshops.  If you were looking to Jonny and Julia to come to your location consider getting a group together to bring them to their location in Sardinia.  Details on how to do this will appear here in the coming months.  Note that both Jonny and Julia will continue to teach at events where they decide, though these opportunities to see them on the road will be less and less in 2024 and beyond.  Julia will continue to travel to events to perform and teach on her own schedule.

What is this form for?

  • So you can register your event/workshop with us so we can pass it on to John and Julia
  • So you are heard together as a group.  If we pass on many requests for one particular region or area John and Julia may consider a visit
  • So every host request is met with the same, equal response.

At this time we must also provide you with the following information :-

  • Contact details of the controller
  • The purposes of the processing
    • To collect information from prospective hosts to pass on to John and Julia for their further consideration. For this we’ll require an email address (so they can contact you only in the event that they wish to talk with you further), a website address (so we can verify that your request is from a legitimate source) and a brief description of your request.
  • The legitimate interests pursued by the controller
    • To provide a point of contact for prospective hosts to register their event/workshop
  • The recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data
    • John Scott Yoga  (data controller)
  • If we “intend to transfer personal data to a third country or international organisation”
    • No, we don’t. Email information will be maintained in a third party email service (Mailchimp/local offline storage)
  • The period for which the personal data will be stored
    • We will store your information only to the end of the year in which the request is made.  John and Julia may keep the contact information for longer where a relationship is established (new or otherwise).

Couple of Things to Know

John and Julia have a well established set of Hosts, Shalas, Retreat Centers and friends that they have known for many years and have had many successful events with.  It is highly unlikely that they will consider an event where they do not know or have not personally met the host in person.  In all likelihood they will only consider events with JSY Senior Teachers, previous direct students (AVYRC and it’s predecessor)  who are now teaching themselves, friends and those highly recommended to them

John typically plans his schedule well over a year in advance.  As a consequence it will be almost impossible to consider events which are closer than 9-12 months in the future

John and Julias’ travel plans are entirely for their own choosing and decision making.  Attending an event in one year does not mean the event will run in consecutive dates.  Again, this is entirely down to John and Julia to decide

On very rare occassions John will ask the team here to co-ordinate the event. All aspects of event management are considered the responsibility of the host though advertising of the event through John’s Website and Social Media channels can be co-ordinated with the team here

Future event information is only released when John and Julia are happy for it to be made public

John typically teaches with one or more assistants. For very small groups this may only be Julia where she can attend

John reserves the right to ask a JSY Senior Teacher to cover for him in the event that he or Julia can not attend (sickness, family emergency, etc).  Thankfully this hasn’t happened yet 

Please Note 

Please review the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice which govern details on GDPR as apply to this form.  If you do not agree to any of the terms or policy details then please do not enter your information and send it to us.

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