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Hello from John Scott Yoga

Welcome to first JJSY newsletter for 2021!  

Sorry for taking so long to get this newsletter out since the last one (May, 2020), but as you can imagine we’ve all been very much dealing with things going on around us as well as struggling to get back to some sense of normality. We hope this email finds you, your family and loved ones well and that you’ve not been too adversely impacted over that last 18 months with all that’s happening

If this is your first email from us, welcome! Thanks for signing up and being part of the community around John and Julia.

As you’ll probably be aware it’s been a very unusual time for John and Julia too. Normally they’d have visited countless countries and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you at numerous events, retreats and workshops across the World. Since the start of 2020, John and Julia have mostly spent their time in Europe at home in Warsaw, or more recently, an extend 6 month stay in Tulum in Mexico (with some side trips to Peru and Gautemala).

The good news, however, is John and Julia have began the steps towards getting back to some sense of normality (conditions prevailing) and have began lining up a series of small weekend workshops. This started last month with 2 events in Italy – YogApulia and the annual visit back to Yoga in Salento.

In this newsletter I’ll detail the next 3 that I was given details for from John (Poznan, Wroclaw and Germany) as well as a surprise event happening this weekend online – thus my rush to try and get the details to you today. I’ll be posting details of these events on John’s Social media, Facebook and Website so you may have see some of this already. The online event you’ll be seeing first (if you open this email when you get it that is).

Thanks again for your continued support for John and Julia. Hopefully we’ll see some of you at the events this Autumn.

I’m also hoping that 2022 will provide more access to these two wonderful teachers for all of us so do please keep following them online!

— JohnScottYoga

Picture of John (at Yoga in Salento) from Richard Isaac

Teacher Training

The TT program is steadily growing. Sandra, Beata and Clare have all recently run successful trainings and are looking for students to join them as they head into 2022.

We were also delighted to hear that Roee Weiss was running his first TT in Israel! Apparently John did an Online Counted Class for the students and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Roee, if you’ve not been fortunate to meet him, John counts him very much as his right hand man (he was best man at John and Julia’s wedding) but as a teacher he’s very much as individual to the practice as John is. A delight to work with and very intuitive and soft in his approach with students.

So if you get the chance to either attend Roee’s TT in Tel Aviv or catch him on a workshop we do highly recommend him!

If you’re interested in Teacher Training please visit the official TT site here: 

Events in 2021

Poznań, Poland

with Yoga Loft, Poznań
3 Day Transcendental Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
29-31 October, 2021
5 Sessions with John and Julia including:-
Self Practice, Theory, Counted Class
Breath Work, Meditation

Wrocław, Poland

with Akademia Ruchu, Wrocław
5-7 November, 2021
5 Sessions with John, Julia and Beata
Bandha Development, Dynamic Breath Work, Standing Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy
Counted Class, Asana Techniques

Details to follow also on a possible event in Germany in the Autumn. Details for this event are currently being arranged. We’re hoping John and Julia can fit this in to the other work they are doing. Please keep an eye on John’s Social Media for full details on this event (and Wroclaw) when I have them 🙂

Special Announcement!

John Scott Online – Miami Life Center

Join John this Saturday, 18th September, 2021, for an online Counted Primary Series Class and Q&A session. We’re delighted that Kino and Tim from Miami Life Center have arranged to host John online this coming weekend for local and international students to join John. Personally I’m delighted John is doing this as I’ve long asked him to do an event like this as it may be the only chance students from outlying areas to hear and see John teaching in a live (if online) environment.

Kino and Tim have kindly given John free range in this class and I know from recently conversations with him he’s been going over some ideas for this event

Not sure when this may happen again (and it came out of the blue for me here) so do grab this opportunity while you can! Limited spaces available!

More details on Miami Life Center’s website here

John Scott Yoga Apps – a wee update

If you’ve used one of John’s apps you’re possibly aware that they’ve not been updated for a good while now. Rest assured the Apps haven’t been abandoned but work has been diverted onto a new avenue that I’m hoping to bring you soon. As ever, there’s always a couple of issues to sort out and the dreaded App Store review process (for Apple Apps anyway) to negotiate but I did want you to know that I’ve not forgotten about the Apps.

One thing to note, I recently managed to rebuild the Android Apps with the latest versions of Android Studio so you may be seeing an update there sooner than later. Just to keep things compatible, there’s no new content, but at least they should still run on the newest hardware

More to follow!
— G

Once Last Thing – Nadi Shodhana Tutorials

One last thing…. Nadi Shodhana Tutorials!

This summer I was delighted to work again with John and the team on the Second Series Nadi Shodhana tutorial Series. John and Julia actually started planning just after the Yoga Chikitsa tutorials went live but as ever events got in the way and things were pushed back and pushed back.

As it turned out, a stroke of good fortune found John, Julia and videographer/producer Alessandro Sigismondi in Mexico at the same time and with gaps in each others schedules aligning perfectly John and Julia jumped at the chance to get the series recorded and edited during their extended stay in Tulum

The Nadi Shodhana Tutorial series is now online and available here and is beautifully shot and edited by Alessandro again.

Tutorials this time around include :-

  • Full Vinyasa Part 1 and 2
  • Jumping Basketball Technique and Jumping Through
  • Bhekasana protecting the knees
  • Pincha Mayurasana exit transition
  • Baddha Konasana
  • The Camel Story
  • Eka Pada Sirsasana
  • Neti Pot and how to Use
  • Two full counted classes are also included in the Full Package

Many thanks to Alessandro, Sandra and Ann-Kathrin who helped spot fix issues with the content. There was a lot of debate this time around on various aspects of the count so you may well see a ‘Teacher’s Cut’ of the content being released. If you want an excellent conversation with Sandra do ask her to comment on the count for Nadi Shodhana, I’m sure she’ll be delighted to comment on various bits and pieces 🙂