John Scott

Exhale lie down

You can then put a little bit of pressure on the elbows, lift the chest up a little bit to tuck the shoulders blades under then let the legs roll out to the side, let the hands roll out to the side

Good, fantastic!

You’re lying on the back side of the body which is the Paschima, the Western side of the body. I call it the male, protective, hard side of the body

And in order to be able to fully relax we have to appreciate we’re lying not just on the mat on the floor but we’re lying on Earth, Mother Earth, the female principle. She’s actually supporting you completely as you are lying in your widest foundation, your lowest center of gravity. You’ve already fallen and you’ve been caught by Mother Earth and she’s actually holding you in an embrace. In order to receive that hug from Mother Earth you have to surrender that Paschima that Western, hard, protective side, that male side of the body down into the Earth and in order for the masculine to surrender to the feminine it has to exhale

It’s the exhalation that’s the surrender into Earth

As you surrender through that exhalation you might then begin to feel how that western side of the body softens so it can meet the equal and opposite principle of the feminine below and as that process happens you begin to fall into a steadiness, into a stillness and where there is no movement there is no form. You may begin to feel how you’re body then begins to sink into the floor as if you are lying at Ashvem Beach and you’re lying on the warm sand and your body sinks in to the sand and the sand begins to curve up around the contours of the body and so losing the outline of your body

Where there is no movement there is no form, no borders, no boundaries, no limitations

You begin to completely merge with Earth below. That then leaves the front side of the body, the Purvottana, the Eastern soft side of the body, I call the feminine side, the soft side, the procreative side of the body, completely open like a flower to the Sun above

Initially maybe quite shy to have that father principle looking down upon you and so you have to realise that you’re not just a single flower that you’re a whole field of flowers, many flowers. And you might see the colour of a field of poppies or a field of tulips or a pond full of lotuses and realise that the father principle is shining down not just on one of you but all of you

And with that knowlege you’re able to inhale, surrender to that light above and in that surrendering you take that warmth of the Sun, the life giving power of the Sun into your heart, your chest, your tummy, the palms of your hands, the thighs

And when two equal and opposite principles again meet they merge and become One

And so here you’re lying in complete stillness and where there is no motion, no movement, there is no form

No limit, no borders, no boundaries

You have merged with all that which is below you, above you, beside you, inside you and outside you. Allow yourself to drift off into that infinte expanding space and allow the mind to completely relax..

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