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John is one of the most popular teachers in the Ashtanga community.  To help spread his teaching, and to allow those who couldn’t attend his workshops or retreats access to John’s words, we’re providing here material that’s collected from the various workshops that John has participated in and that we’ve been lucky enough to capture some of his valuable words!

We’ll be adding more information here as and when we have access to it.

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Guru Purnima Welcome sit with John from Eco Yoga, Scotland

Guru Purnima 2016

The following meditation audio track was recorded at Eco Yoga in Scotland on the morning of June 16th.  With John’s permission we’re sharing this with you on the anniversary of Guruji’s Birthday (Guru Purnima). Whilst Guruji’s day of birth is marked as the 26th July, Guru Purnima in 1915, we’re choosing to celebrate it on the full moon of July, 2016 – the 19th.

The following audio ia a 26 minute meditation led by John which we’re releasing here with his permission.

We hope you will join us in this meditation on this special day:

Counting Beyond Words - Interview from Warsaw. March, 2016


Counting Beyond Words – Marek ŁaskawiecCountingBeyondWords

John visited Warsaw’s where he was interviewed by Marek Łaskawiec for a Polish portal website :

John talks about the Vinyasa Count as a meditation tool, the Ashtanga Wheel, and “99% Practice, 1% Theory”

Download “Counting by Words” for free here : Download

John Scott Interview with Jeden Procent Teorii from Warsaw. March, 2016 (Audio)


 Interview with Jeden Procent Teorii.12919056_10154235521134873_497495899_n

John visited Warsaw’s where he was interviewed by Jeden Procent Teorii.

The interview is available via SoundCloud here :  Interview on SoundCloud